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Racing Police Chase

We also do press release, sponsor logos on photos, team or racer resumes, & awesome videos with your raw footage. Contact us to make your Go Pro footage fly!
Welcome race fans!

Twas a great weekend as the snow conditions & rough terrain made the Yamaha sleds go fast.  

Thanks to all the fans who come by the trailer to support the team & thanks to our sponsors out there.  

Lets race!  Racing was fast & furious as the team mounted an attack on…




“CLICK” on above image for our latest video submission!

“Sickness”  as seen on ISOC / Facebook / Patriot Racing / AMSnow magazine.

Hello, Welcome to Patriot Racing.   Travel all over our racing world here by clicking the colored menu buttons.   If you click “Posts”…  This button will take you to a page with an entire season of racing

commentary, video, & pictures.  Thanks for visiting.  Stay tuned as we continue to upgrade our home

page.  Lets go racing!

We like eye candy racing stuff!  Here are a few of our favorites placed here for you to enjoy.  Thanks for visiting.

Be sure to check out our band ally Machine 22 & visit the Snowpocalypse page (a fan favorite) site right here at Patriot Racing. Click on image below now to head over to Snowpocalypse.

Canterbury Park 2010

Fans are awesome.

Is that a win?

Air time.

Race ready.

Crash & burn.

This band is awesome.  “Click” Band Allies at top.

Monster Card

Dad sank my sled… 17th birthday!

Snow storm.



News update… Click on above fan photo & head on over to our web site.


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