Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom

Duluth 2009 Nationals

DULUTH, Minn. – Dec. 11, 12, 2009 – Snow dust was in the air as some of the most exciting racing of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series of the season kicked it up on Spirit Mountain Duluth. On day one of the opener for nationals, Ben Lindbom came out strong in both of his first two heat races, qualifying with an impressive 1st place finish in round 1. In round two, Ben had a bad start at the hole shot & was pushed to the back of the pack. He held up his momentum and started picking off drivers left & right, especially on the rear straight away where the #104 was the only one to triple heading up the backside of the mountain gaining huge advantage over the competition, at one point passing two sleds in one leap. After an impressive battle, Ben gave the crowd an exciting race for the Motocomm Sport Super Stock round #2 qualifier, placing a solid second place. Back in the pits with a 1st & a 2nd place finish behind him, Ben was set up for a number four qualifying position in the Sport Super Stock #1 finals race for the first of two huge finals of the weekend. Later in the evening, there was a lot of energy on the track as some of the best drivers in the world took the green for the Sport Super Stock #1 grand final. Ben was off to an excellent start & by turn two was running within the top five positions & closing. At turn four as he came down the flyway entrance in front of the weekend crowd estimated at 10,000 plus for all three days, there was a malfunction with the kill switch & the sled died. After precious seconds flew by along with all the racers, Ben was able to get going again however the switch continued to have problems & caused the sled to shut down at unexpected times. Consequently Ben finished in last place for his final & so ended day one. Keeping his head up, the number 104 reminded himself that many teams didn’t even make the final, & headed back to the pits to trouble shoot & replace the kill switch with a newer fool proof updated moto cross version.

On day two of the AMSOIL Duluth National, & starting the day with a newly replaced kill switch, fresh oil, grease, & having given the sled a good going over starting at 5 in the morning, Ben & his #104 Super Stock 600 IQ Polaris, sponsored by FXR, Studboy, Muller Race Photo’s, Mark Sand & Gravel, Wide Open Powder Coating, was pinched off his sled immediately after the hole shot on turn one, placing him in dead last as he headed down the flyway in front of the morning crowd. Ben was undeterred… & once again the crowd was treated to an impressive realization that this number 104 kid doesn’t give up easy! Ben was on a mission to put on a clinic for the spectators & the crowd as he once again battled for position on the backside of the mountain & upfront on the flyway as he got big air & started creating the buzz once again for announcer Mike up in the booth. Ben’s Polaris powered sled gave the crowd yet another exciting race as he powered his way back up to finish third on the final lap of heat two. After qualifying 4th & 3rd respectively the team was having doubts as to whether that would be good enough for finals qualification. The last chance qualifier was posted later, & sure enough Ben had only one chance to make the final & that was to race once again in the LCQ & placing minimum top five. Heading into the LCQ Ben was once again strong out of the hole shot placing second on turn one & holding on to that position as the number 1 & 2 riders separated themselves from the rest of the pack, Ben held on to an easy second place finish in the LCQ. This once again set the stage for the big show… evening FINAL. It was a tight battle from the starter’s green flag with #104 following the front line qualifier’s around turn one. Coming down the mountain into the flyway Ben was seated in 12th place. By lap five he had battled his way up into the 8th position behind the leader & gaining with some solid lap times. On lap 6, while consistently making gains on the next position, a series of events unfolded ahead of Ben beyond his control. The number six position sled cut in front of the 7th place racer & (fellow friend Justin Oschner) wiping him out right in front of the crowd before the fly way on the flats. Within seconds Ben smashed right into the upside down sled & came to an immediate stop. Fortunately, neither racer was hurt. Both racers limped their machines back to the pits to end the weekend. Overall, the #104 FXR Army sled gave an outstanding performance. Showing off big air on the flyway, entertaining the crowd, racing with high energy & proving that, Ben is an athlete that is focused & ready to give his best.

Out front on the Studboy hole shot Duluth 2009


2 responses

  1. hey, im a scout too and i race every weekend with RMR. i was looking through boys life and i saw your article and i was like this is awesome, I’m not the only one! haha any way i just wanted to say good luck this season. I’ll see you at the eastern nationals and the new england nationals. i race in 14-15 and 16-17 600 liquid. i currently ride Dan Eberts 2006 arctic cat 440 sno pro. good luck again and see you in february
    Jayme Lynch #911

    December 22, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    • Hello Jayme, The team salutes you! We hope you have a fantastic season also. We remember when Ben was in the Junior class 14-15… That is a tough class! After looking at some of your cool photo’s on the web, we are confident that you will do well. Studboy is a fantastic sponsor & they are also a great racer family. Nick Pattyn is a racer in the Sport class at Nationals & is 16 also. Let us know which of Ben’s “snow card’s” is your favorite & be sure to say hi to everyone in the pits, you never know who you will need help from. Out on the track, race your own race! Always finish your race & stay in scouting… soar like an Eagle!

      December 23, 2009 at 1:41 am

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