Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom

Snocross Racer Makes National Headlines

Congratulations to  #104 Ben Lindbom & his factory backed Polaris 600 IQ snowmobile racing team.   Ben who races most every weekend on a high flying action adventure oval racing track with over a quarter to half mile long series of jumps, & flyways, all with varying degree’s of difficulty, has made national news for his sport.  Boys Life magazine (with 8.6 million monthly subscribers)  January 2010 issue has placed a full one page article about him & the sport of snocross racing on page 14.  Some of the highlights include some profile on Ben’s team, photo’s, advice from Ben, & much more.  See all team photo’s & anything else you might want to find out (be sure to leave us a comment if there is something you would like to see in the future) right here on this site!  Ben is quoted as saying that… “with everyone driving sleds of just under 600 cc’s, the main difference is in the driver.”    How much depends on the driver?  “I’d say winning is 85 percent driver & 15 percent the sled.  The driver has to find the good lines, stay smooth and find where the right grooves are in the track.  The driver has to know what’s coming up on the course and be ready for the next jump or curve. ”  At first he said he’s never been injured in four years of racing the machines on these difficult courses. “Oh, wait, I had a concussion, once,” he recalled.
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His FXR           polaris backed racing sled is “beefed up” in that all of the factory racing sleds are heavy duty, the shocks, track and the sled’s frame, as opposed to the regular stock consumer sled you can buy off a dealer show room.   Racers must qualify for a coveted allocation of one of these sleds.  Much of the season is carefully spent testing for technical issues that may arise from the abuse that these machines take out on the track,  in order for the factories to produce a more perfect consumer sled.   The tracks by themselves have bigger lug’s than stock trail sleds.   Studboy traction products   are a good fit for the team as it takes massive  spike like studs to get the power to the ground while maintaining confidence in snowmobile control.   This is true especially at the start of the race for one of the most critical elements within each race…  the hole shot.  They start you with 15 machines all having to get to the first corner, where the track narrows, Ben said.  The timing on the takeoff is the key to winning the whole race. If you don’t make the first corner ahead of the pack, you have to work over time to get ahead & may find yourself in the middle of a huge pile up of crashed & overturned sleds on the first corner, affectionately called a yard sale by the announcers on the track.   Believe us,  this is not a sale you want to be in!
As the 2009-2010 season continue’s,  look for Ben & his team to appear next in Shakopee MN  Friday & Saturday,  January 22-23, 2010 at the Canterbury Downs horse racing track.   Currently positioned top ten in the national Sport Super Stock #1 & #2 classes,  look for Ben to put on a great show, catch big air on the flyway, & shred his way through the heat races.  Come on down & cheer him right into the finals & a podium finish!  If you can’t wait until then, click on our    ‘video gallery’  right on this site.      Keep watching for our new video coming soon with more high energy music from     “Machine 22”    &      “7th Ascent”.
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