Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom

See the Amazing Race!

Go Ben!

Big shout out to all the fans,  see Ben race one of his finals right into a bar to bar podium finish.  Ben had just an unbelievable Sport Super Stock final right out of the Studboy sponsored hole shot.  He was on fire as he powered his Polaris 600 IQ sled out onto the flyway for a breathtaking leap into turn two.  By the time he rounded turn number three onto the back stretch he thrust himself out into first place,  however folks, this race has only just begun!  See the bar to bar action for yourself at Patriot Racing Pro’s site…

You will see some incredible racing watching a battle royal as the racers swap positions throughout the entire race.  These sledders come from all over the United States & as far away as Alaska for the chance to stand on that coveted top podium position.  Oh… don’t forget the opportunity to shake hands with the top guys at the factory & some kind words from Polaris race director Tom Rager!


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