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FXR Team Patriot Racing Goes Big at Regionals

Attention in the Pits! Driver's meeting 7:30 am sharp!

Hey race fans, check this out…

Just posted another cool video called 60 seconds, check it out here…

This just in…  Photo update right here on this site!      See…   Rookie Semi Pro Photo’s

Two Sport Super Stock appearances on the podium at Canterbury Nationals in Shakopee, MN.  See the incredible battle royal combined with the great tunes of Machine 22 at…

The Patriot Racing Pro team is on a rampage as the team made another rookie year semi pro appearance in Garrison MN out on the shores of Lake Milac’s.  Hanging out in the trailer with the team you will have the beautiful smell of race gas in the air surrounded by the music of  Chevelle blasting from the speakers.  Meantime the skid is being torn out to replace the blown shock from the pounding that was given on the last race.  Refilling the generator with fuel to keep the lights on, ice cold peanut butter on bread for a chunky lunch.  Clutch cleaning is in order for the Studboy hole shot as preventative maintenance is a constant in this brutal extreme weather.  Customizing, creating new fit & finish after crashes or damages is common place using drills, zip ties, duct tape, cables, nuts, bolts, washers, adding bits of screen, shaving bits of plastic… what ever it takes to get back to the adrenaline rush of all out side by side rubbing & racing.   All this in between heats & the team wonders where the weekend went as there is barely time to have a snack.

However, every thing comes together at that much anticipated starting line waiting for the flag man to fly the green flag.  The announcer will affectionately say…   “its time to fly the rag!”    Under starters orders ready to pull the trigger on the flash of a quick movement by the flagger, who looks like he is in slow motion just seconds before.   This man has the power of god as he lowers the tightly furled flag stick down ward & points his index finger at each racer, locking his eyes one by one on the line of their shimmering goggles looking back,  almost daring them to move one inch before he releases his mighty power of green.  There is an excitement in the air as the racers await the start, eyes locked on that flag all tightly wrapped up in his fist.  The racers lean over their handlebars, holding on to the brake tightly as they start feathering the throttle forward.  Race gas smoke starts to cloud the entire lineup.  Fans hold their breath & watch with great intensity.

To the fans & the racers these magic moments can sometime seem like an eternity of waiting & anticipation.  Knowing that you did every maintenance that you could before the explosion of the hole shot, gives the team a feeling of satisfaction that can only be experienced by being a part of the action time after time on the start & ending of each race.   Yet there is a similarity that can be shared with the fans that ties all this craziness together into a culmination of what we call racing.   Being out in front immediately after the hole shot is definitely the best place to be without jumping the green flag under starters orders.   Racing to win takes place constantly on the track & especially off the track in the pits, trailer & back at the home garage or shop.

Showing up at a drivers meeting at 7:30 am sharp on the frozen lake shore of Milac’s Lake MN with a temp reading of minus 20 degrees…  well you might say that you have some hard core sledders or racers in town.  You might also think to yourself,  what are these guys thinking?   Well when you have cold weather gear from FXR clothing to protect you from these extreme elements in northern MN you have no need to worry.  So when your Ben Lindbom of Team Patriot Racing Pro sponsored by FXR,  combined with a strong desire to compete at the highest level someday, well lets just say all factors besides racing to win are put on the back burner.  Its time to race!

For another of his rookie appearances this year as a semi pro in Garrison MN at the ISOC Regional event, Ben shred the Studboy hole shot  in round one jumping right out into first place over the fly way.   Couple laps later he quickly was overtaken & fell to fourth place due to a blown shock.  After getting the shock rebuilt, it was off to the races again.   For the rest of qualifying rounds on Saturday Ben was in top form as he entered Sunday finals as the number 2 qualifier in Semi Pro Stock #1 & number one qualifier for Semi Pro Stock #2.

Stay tuned for more on this cool story as the news media moves in on Garrison to interview Ben for Lakeland Public Television.  Seems this truly is a growing story, as Ben will appear Tuesday January 2 on the 10 pm news promoting the sport alongside fellow semi pro rider #727 Jacob Muller & #151 Riley Bester.  Riley is from another great FXR cold weather clothing racing team.  Also fans, keep an eye out for another great weekend racing video right here.  Stay tuned as we continue our photo & editorial update from this weekends exciting racing events…

Once again this is one weekend that will go in the books for the Patriot Racing Pro Team. Ben wants to thank all the dedicated fans who came out to watch him in minus 20 degree sunny MN weather & of course sends out a big thank you to all of his awesome sponsors… Polaris, FXR, Studboy, NGK, Muller Race Photo’s, Brothers Motorsports, Mark Sand & Gravel, Wide Open Powder Coating, Scheuring Speedsports, Sled Descent.


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