Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom

Snowpocalypse is here.


The ten year wait for snowpocalypse is over!  See the movie here now…

More on the legend of this fantastic new story coming up.

As you walk into the pits, your stomach feels the growl of the blasting modified snowmobile motors, while the mechanics rev them up for their riders.   The smell in the air is filled with the blended mix of gasoline, motor oil & high octane racing fuel.   Air power tools are wielded by mechanics who can disassemble & reassemble in between two qualifying heat races with the quickness.   The thrilling adrenaline rush that can only be found at the races is prevalent within this environment.  You will find out what your character is here, the deep moral fiber that is.   One minute you are the hero placing up in the top three spots, the crowd loves you, your friends & the rest of the team all high five you & slap you on the back.   The next minute your a big zero, crashed, turned over out on the track… wiped out, broken down in last place with a mechanical failure as the other racers continue on zooming by making sure they avoid your situation like the plague.  Keeping your cool, & your head held high is easier said than done, however it is paramount to success or failure in climbing the ladder to the top of the heap called pro rider & the big show.  Do you want to find out what your character is?…  your deep moral fiber?…  find out what your made of?…   Come on out to the snocross track weekend after weekend & try staying at the top of the heap, keeping your cool in all situations that include risk of life & limb under intense pressure.  All at the same time putting forth your best effort to “have fun”. Enter the world of racers who spend most of their paycheck on racing & then consider anything leftover & spent elsewhere as wasted.   Then you will see.    More coming…


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