Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom

The Start

The Start


Wanna give this a try?
The burning inside has been lingering for some time now? Now you think you can do it? As you once again dress for cold… walking out into winter…  starting your machine… man & machine coming to life. Your thoughts begin to race, heart begins to pump. As your love for the sport of snowmobiling grows from riding around in your yard, laughing at your friends new machine that is a different brand from yours, riding the trails to all out ditch banging. A new yearning starts to grow inside of you as you see & dream of the incredible high flying leaps that racers on the track make. You begin to realize that there is a whole different level that you could ultimately rise up to. Thinking all along, I can show everyone my stuff. Soon you find yourself on the starting line.

Racing is just that, on the track & off…  one big constant adrenaline rush.  

Up on the starting line is where your mind, body, senses of smell, sight, & sound begin to really come together as one big jumble of nerves.

This is only the beginning, as the dreaming fades into reality.  

Learning to control all of this sensory perception is definitely a key to staying on top of the competition.  

Racers all have different strategies for this self control however one thing is certain…  

all of this spills over into real life applications for success.  

Once again enter our world of racing as you peruse, “The Start”.  

Hope you enjoy & thanks for your visit to our site.

As always you can just hover & click our photo buttons to travel.


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