Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom

QMP Champions

Extra, extra, read all about it.  Right here on Patriot Racing’s site.   The team is race ready for regionals & semi pro racing.  Having a banner year in the sport class at nationals for last season the step up to semi pro is a big one.   Be safe at all times & courteous of other drivers is advice given however sometimes you just have to make a pass on the inside & pin it to win it.   A little help from a super hero never hurts either, thats why we like to call in the big guns when the going gets tough in the pits.  Meantime, was an amazing weekend at Hill City regionals as the team rode to victory in top form riding their race ready…

Click here for full article.

Looks easy, but its not.  Experience the highest of highs & the lowest of lows living life on the edge while preparing…

for the real world.  Snowmobile racing at its finest… 5800 degrees.

5800… when the clutch engages.  Ripping your arms off your torso from a standing stop for us mere mortals.


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