Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom

About Ben

Name: Ben Lindbom
Birth Date: 04-12-91
Height: 6’ 4”
Weight: 181
Hometown: Richmond, MN.


Season Goals: Continue to get strong, make all finals, top three finals.
Hobbies: Bicycle’s, IPOD, Wrenching on sled.
Family: Single, Parents David & Susan, Sister Amanda

Off Season Occupation:  Student, Moto-X, Part time jobs, buying low & selling high for profit.
Training: Weights, Running, Moto-X, BMX
Sponsors:  Polaris / FXR / Studboy / NGK / Muller Race Photo’s / Brother’s Motorsports / Mark Sand & Gravel / WO Custom Powdercoating / Sled Descent / Machine 22
Favorite Movie: Don’t have much time for TV
What’s on your IPOD play list: Breaking Benjamin / Lincoln
Park / Theory of a Deadman / Machine 22 / 7Ascent / Stoked Beyond Boredom / Chevelle
One possession if stranded on an island:  A snowmobile…to water skip back to Sno-X track in time for a Podium finish.                                                                                                                                Best place on Earth: Where there is snow.

Hanging out in the trailer with the team you will have the beautiful smell of race gas in the air surrounded by the music of  Chevelle blasting from the speakers.  Meantime the skid is being torn out to replace the blown shock from the pounding that was given on the last race.  Refilling the generator with fuel to keep the lights on, ice cold peanut butter on bread for a chunky lunch.  Clutch cleaning is in order for the Studboy hole shot as preventative maintenance is a constant in this brutal extreme weather.  Customizing, creating new fit & finish after crashes or damages is common place using drills, zip ties, duct tape, cables, nuts, bolts, washers, adding bits of screen, shaving bits of plastic… what ever it takes to get back to the adrenaline rush of all out side by side rubbing & racing.   All this in between heats & the team wonders where the weekend went as there is barely time to have a snack.

Who is in your regular crew: Mom Dad Sister Fans who drop by in the pits.


Park X  Second place on a Polaris Trail Sled – 2004 Age 13


2005-’06 First race ever entered was Hill Cross at Park X with Polaris trail sled.  Second place!  2004 Trail sled barely made it through the weekend.  Went out & bought first racing sled to compete in miscellaneous events across state of MN.

2006-’07 Junior 14-15  Finished 3rd Season Points Novice Open Finished 2nd Season Points Sport Stock Finished 6th Season Points consistently in top five positions making all finals.  Won second place at Eagle River World Snocross Derby in the Junior event.  WPSA Regional level

2007-’08 Semi Pro Super Stock Finished 19th after attending 8 of 10 races Semi Pro Stock Combined Finished 15th  attending 3 of 7 races consistently in top three positions making all finals at regional level & national level.

2008-’09 ISOC regional & national levels.  Ben raced in Sport Super Stock #1 & Sport Super Stock #2 racing classes aboard his Polaris 600 IQ racing sled.  Three podium appearances at nationals.

2009-’10  ISOC Regional & National levels.  Numerous podium appearances at Regional Semi Pro level & National Sport Super Stock level.  Season highlight…  Sweeping both Sport Super Stock classes at Canterbury Park Nationals with two first place podiums.   Preparing Ben to enter full semi pro arena as a seasoned rider ready to compete with the pro teams at the highest level.  Dreams of  becoming a winter X games competitor with major sponsors who would like to come on board with a program that reaches out to the youth of America, as evidenced by the many links of this site.

Ben Story…

There is a story with the above card.  During a regional race season 2008, Ben was making a pass out on the track & the two racers were side by side when suddenly the racer on the inside of the track had to put on the brakes to avoid a yellow flag being waved by a track official. There was a crash on that side of the track & yet the outside lane was still clear. Ben had to slow down also due to yellow caution flag however did not have to put on the brakes. Ben went on to place first in the competition, & the other rider placed second. There was some controversy by the other team as passing is not allowed during yellow caution flag, however officials ruled the win for Ben.  Back in the pits, Ben went over to the other team & gave the first place plaque to them & exchanged for second place.  Later both teams went & let the officials know what they did. Ben did not want the win with out controversy. He gained many friends in the pits from that day forward, many racers remember that day well, especially the opposing team. To this day Ben has maintained a lasting friendship with that team.  Click on  “snowcards”  this site to see the trading card.

A young man from Richmond, Minnesota is leaving the crowd behind him when he’s atop his Polaris snow machine. Ben Lindbom, whose International Series Of Champions (ISOC) tour will bring him to several locations in the upper mid west, is currently positioned top ten in the standings for the national racing tour.

“I’ve been racing since I was 13 years old. I went to a race with a neighbor friend, who was racing. I just had a trail sled and I finished in second place.” “I said, Hey! I can do this with a racing sled.” Ben works at the local Polaris dealership in St Cloud MN.  The dealership  is also one of his sponsors.

EAGLE SCOUT – Ben has achieved the level of Eagle Scout with The Boy Scouts of America which is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations.


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