Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom

Photo Gallery 1

Welcome race fans.  In this race… the one who crosses the finish line first is the winner.


Here are some great pictures from some of my races.

Big air anyone?

Find my trailer in the pits this season.

Double click on any photo for full size view.

Is that a win?

Don’t want to get caught.

Lots of practice.

My best friend Jake Muller #727

Logging my flight time.

Ride on #104

More practice.

Going thru tech inspection.

After hours…

Studboy hole shot.

Going big on the flyway, Duluth 2009

Breaking Benjamin

Flying is fun.


Front page sports section Duluth Tribune 2009


Sandy Muller

Hole Shot

Shredding the corner


Flying the flags @ Canterbury MN

Brainerd 2009

Heat of battle

Double click on any image for full size view.

Final turn


Flying the flags Duluth MN

Carving the sky left, eyes right, steady for the win.

Profile shot of Ben 002

Lets go race!

Canterbury, the big show

The early days


Snow storm

Workin the flagman

Sandy Muller 027

Going down the mountain  Duluth MN

Double click on any image for full size view.

Passing up high on the flyway.

Getting ready

Launching for the win


Request clearance for landing

Where is everyone?

Having fun

Double click on any image for full size view.

Catch me if you can!

Here I come for the win.

Duluth flyway for the win

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Photo gallery 2

Milwaukee Mile Breaking into top ten.

Podium at last.
















Ready, Set, Race.







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