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All those in favor of the new racing circuit just announced…

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The United States Cross-Country Snowmobile Racing Association (USCC) ceased operations this Saturday after a decade of positively bringing back Cross Country racing to snow-filled areas across the country. Founder Pat Mach reinvigorated the sport of snowmobile cross country racing starting in 2002, and after his passing last year his family continued the racing association he was instrumental to.

In the wake of learning this weekend that the USCC would be no more, we also learned that a new racing circuit called the USXC would soon be stepping up to help keep cross country racing in the midwest alive and well. Brian Nelson of Spicer, Minnesota announced today that the USXC will be formed under his leadership for the 2012-2013 season. Brian is a former race champion for John Deere, and Team Arctic, and has owned sled and motorcyle businesses for many years.

“There have been many great cross-country racing organizations over the years, most recently with the USCC,” Nelson said. “USCC was an excellent circuit that rescued and grew the sport. When they communicated that they would cease operations after last season, I wanted to keep cross-country racing strong and growing. I pursued the idea of purchasing USCC, but for many reasons that proved unworkable. The best solution was to form USXC.” said Brian.

The USXC (United States X-Country) series will consist of six to eight events including a premier three-day, 500-mile cross-country race held in Northwestern Minnesota. Nelson is currently assembling a team of experienced people to help run USXC, as well as creating a schedule with existing, race-friendly communities. Events will include traditional ditch, river and woods courses as well as lake courses, all of which will emphasize driver skill and endurance. Nelson intends for USXC to be an ISR affiliate, so racers can expect common rules and safety procedures.

Racers and fans who are interested in learning more about USXC should email their name and address to:

Questions, contact: Brian Nelson, 320-894-5839
Media contact: Jim Urquhart, 763-218-1385;
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Factory Ride

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Here it is fans!  Enjoy another little tasty racing snack. Click here… Sickness

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Here it is fans!  Enjoy another little tasty racing snack. Click here…  Sickness Or just click on the poster photo above.

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Lake Geneva 2011

Lake Geneva 2011

Hayward 2011

News update from ISOC national Hayward WI.

Breaking news from Hayward WI. ISOC nationals created possibly the toughest track of the season under beautiful skies & thirty degree weather. As the team entered the starting line for the hole shot…

Hayward release 2011

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Below, #113 Matt Bristow on a charge just before the flyway.  Hayward 2011


Below…  Shredding a corner #104 Hayward 2011

Fans finding our trailer in the pits for autographs, NOS energy drinks & team trading cards.  Thanks for all your support, team Patriot appreciates all of our fans.

Below… Every landing is harsh from 30 to 50 feet up in the sky.

Ready for launch.

Houston we have lift off.

Below…  Maintenance in the pits between heats is key to staying fast out on the track.

Below… #258 Brian Schoenrock

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