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Extra, extra, read all about it…. #104 turns Semi Pro at the 2010 Duluth Nationals.  His first official try out for winter X games.  What an unbelievable weekend it was with Ben qualifying front row in a semi pro final the first weekend out.  Amongst many factory riders running out of huge support trailers this young privateer is knocking on….  Scroll down for more.

See all the action & updates right here.  Just click on Ben above, or click here for…Duluth Press 2010

2011 Eagle River Wisconsin

104 took a 6th in Semi Pro final & a 9th in Pro final. Click here for…Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby

Name:  Ben Lindbom

Birth Date:  04-12-91

Height:  6’ 3”

Weight:  181

Hometown: Central,  MN.

Family:  Single, Parents David & Susan, Sister Amanda

Off Season Occupation:  Student

Training:  Weights, Running, Moto-X, BMX

Early Days

First Snowmobile Race:  2005  Park X  Second place on a Polaris Trail Sled Age 13

Career Highlights:  2007 Eagle Scout, Regional Semi Pro / 2009 First place sweeps of both sport super stock classes at Canterbury Nationals… Shakopee MN.  Several double podium weekend appearances in semi pro regional & sport national classes 2010.  Full page feature story in Boys Life magazine January 2010 issue going out to 8.6 million subscribers.  Patriot Racing Pro emerges onto the scene with the team 2011.

2005-06 Junior 14-15 Finished 7th season points, Eagle River World Ice Racing Championship – 2nd place in the Junior 14-15 Snocross Event,  Junior 14-15 Finished 3rd season points,  Novice Open Finished 2nd

2006-07  Consistently in top five positions.  Captures his first win in a final.  Junior class.

Semi Pro / Eagle Scout / Age 16

2007-08  Enters semi pro arena at regional level qualifying for all finals.  Achieves prestigious Eagle Scout award with Boy Scouts of America, age 16.

2008-09 Three podium appearances at nationals, 8th & 9th over all season points.  Sport Super Stock / Semi Pro @ regionals.

2009-10 Four podium appearances at nationals (three 1st, one 3rd), 4th & 5th over all season points.  Sport Super Stock.   Fourth place finish in dash for cash race with pro’s at Garrison MN.  Receives nationwide attention on a full page BSA feature article  in “Boys Life” magazine that combines his Eagle Scout achievement with snocross racing going out to 8.6 million subscribers.  Press attention grows significantly this season.  Racing Semi Pro @ Regionals,  5th place overall season points.  See the all new 2010 season update as you continue to scroll through to bottom.

Season Goals:  Continue to get strong, make all finals,  top three finals

Hobbies:  Bicycle’s, IPOD, Wrenching on sled.

Favorite Movie:  Don’t have much time for TV

What’s on your IPOD play list:  Breaking Benjamin / Lincoln Park / Machine 22 / Saving Abel / Theory of a Deadman / Stoked Beyond Boredom

One possession if stranded on an island:  A snowmobile…to water skip back to sno-X track in time for podium finish.

Best place on Earth:  Where there is snow.

Who is in your regular crew:  Mom Dad Sister Lon Tesch, Paul Tesch, Brian Schoenrock, Robbie Hunter Mike Bristow Matt Bristow & all the great fans who regularly find the team trailer in the pits.

Racing Accomplishments:

First race ever entered was hill cross at Park X with Polaris

trail sled. Second place! 2004 Trail sled barely made it through

the weekend.  Went out & bought first racing sled to compete.

2005-’06  WPSA Regional level / Ski Doo

First year racing ever,  Junior 14-15 Finished 7th Season Points

Novice Stock 17th Season Points, attended 6 of 8 races

Eagle River World Ice Racing Championship

Finished 2nd Place in Finals,  Junior 14-15 Sno-Cross Event

2006-’07  WPSA Regional level / Ski Doo

Junior 14-15  Finished 3rd Season Points

Novice Open Finished 2d Season Points

Sport Stock Finished 6th Season Points

Consistently in top five positions making all finals.

Eagle Board of Review

2007-’08  WPSA Regional level / Ski Doo

Semi Pro Super Stock Finished 19th after attending 8 of 10 races

Semi Pro Stock Combined Finished 15th attending 3 of 7 races

Consistently in top three positions making all finals at regional level &

national level.

2008-’09  ISOC Regional & National / Polaris

Three podium appearances at nationals, 8th / 9th season points.

Sport Super Stock #1

Sport Super Stock #2


Race Season Recap


The following is a recap of the 08-09 Snocross Racing Season, some highlights of past racing years, as well as goals for the years to come.

During the 08-09 Racing Season, Ben’s racing experience in the National Sport Super Stock and the Semi-Pro Regional Snocross expanded tremendous. He’s been racing against highly skilled riders, many with 100% factory support.  He not only kept up with the competition but managed to mount three national podiums for the 2008-09 season.

Press Release 2008

Travels during this race season included twelve racing events throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. In the ISOC National Snocross series, Ben finished 8th and 9th in year-end points in the Sport Super Stock Classes. He finished 13th in the Semi-Pro Super Stock ISOC MN Regional series. Ben also raced Semi-Pro in a couple Hillcross events this spring and took a second place in the final, placing him on the front page of the Duluth Tribune sports section with his best friend & arch rival Jacob Muller.

Graduating from Minnesota Virtual Online High School this year,  allowed him to dedicate more time to racing by taking online classes. Ben  worked at the local hardware store that his father owns. During the off snowmobile season, you can find Ben riding dirt bikes.

Through out this season, Ben raced with his family as a team, with the help of his father David, a mechanic/pit person, & limited support from Scheuring Racing. Ben has traveled to several races throughout the years with Jacob Muller and has a close relationship with Jake and the Muller Racing team.

2008-09 Season Sponsors: Hardware Hank, Polaris, Mark Sand & Gravel, Scheuring Speedsports, Amsoil, Studboy, Fly, KLIM, and Muller Race Photos.

Our Team

2009-2010 Isoc National & Regional / Polaris

2009-2010 Race Season.

For the 2009-10 season, Ben entered the Sport Super Stock class at the ISOC National series placing 4th & 5th overall season points appearing a total of four times on the podium with three 1st & a 3rd.

In Semi-Pro at the ISOC Regional series Ben placed 5th overall season points making three podium appearances.  Ben has been racing snowmobiles for five years now, and strives to one day make it to the X-Games Competition.

2009-10 Season Sponsors:  Polaris, FXR, Studboy, NGK, Muller Race Photo’s, Brothers Motorsports, Mark Sand & Gravel, Wide Open Powder Coating, Scheuring Speedsports, Sled Descent, Machine 22.

Dreams & goals… Winter “X”

Click on above for 2011 season action update.

Please contact David for more information  at…

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Eagle Scout   Boy Scouts of America.  Promoting youth values across the USA

Find out more about scouting by clicking on above.

Our 2009-2010 sponsors

Please support our team sponsors by visiting their sites.  Here is the gateway.

By clicking on the Polaris logo above you will arrive at a race page.  Scroll down into the Sport 1 & Sport 2 sections & you will find Ben!

Read down toward the bottom at the FXR page site after clicking logo above.  You will see awesome race commentary from the FXR factory guys talking about Ben sweeping both his classes at nationals.

Please visit our 2009-10 season sponsor web sites.  Click on any logo.  Read more about Ben on most all of the sites!

Yes, if you look close after clicking on NGK logo above you will be able to find Ben again, under sponsored teams.  Look for Patriot Racing.

Promoting the sport.

April 2010 Issue of Whiteout Magazine


2010 1st place Shakopee, MN.

2010 1st place Canterbury Park

2010 1st place Lake Geneva, WI.

Team photographer Sandy Muller

Where Eagles Fly.

Race track police in hot pursuit!

Media sponsor program…

that works.

Press release 2010

Starting Lineup Milwaukee 2010

Tech inspection Duluth 2009

Go 104

Double podium weekend.

Semi Pro

Banquet 2010

May / June 2010 Article from Motor Sports Illustrated


Lets Race!

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