Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom


Collect all SnowCards.  These are cards with photos of Ben getting big air & having fun out on the track.  Snow cards are brought to you exclusively from Patriot Racing.


SnowCard Series.  For your pack of eight different cards…

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Crash & Burn

Sudden Explosion

Flash Light Wonder

Inside Cut

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Double click on any image for full size view.

There is a story associated with the Webelo card to the left. During a regional race in 2008, Ben was making a pass out on the track & the two racers were side by side when suddenly the 1st place racer on the inside of the track had to put on the brakes to avoid a yellow flag being waved by a track official.  There was a crash on that side of the track & yet the outside lane was still clear. Ben had to slow down also due to yellow caution flag however did not have to put on the brakes.  Ben went on to place first in the competition, & the other rider placed second.   There was some controversy by the other team, as passing is not allowed during yellow caution flag,  however officials ruled the win for Ben.   Back in the pits,  Ben went over to the other team’s trailer,  gave the first place plaque to them & exchanged for second place.   Later both teams went & let the officials know what they did. Ben did not want the win with out controversy.   He gained many friends in the pits from that day forward, many racers remember that day well,  especially the opposing team.   To this day Ben has maintained a lasting friendship with that team.   Motto on this card,    Alway’s do what’s right…   Even if it costs you a win!  Hello to all friends from troop 15 in Cold Spring, MN.

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Sport Nationals


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Sport 1

Sport 2

Eagle 1

Wanna Race?

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Sport 1








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