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Hello race fans!

The ten year wait for snowpocalypse is over!

This next story is merely for those who love to dream of snow / ice, & for fun.

“Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.”

As quoted from,  Bones Carroll on the fine art of telling a story.

Heavy metal hero.

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It all starts in the mind of a 5 year old who can just climb on board a snow machine as they were affectionately referred to back in the day.  One day while pressing the throttle & spinning out on a small patch of ice, the sled got a little out of control, crashing into the TV antennae on the side of the house.  This incident shook him up a bit so he went in crying to let mom know of what happened.  Feeling like he should have been more careful, the walk to the house seemed long.   As he kept going over & over the reasons for what had happened.  Pressed on the gas a little to much, didn’t hit the brake in time, could have steered a little more to the right, leaned the wrong way…  all these thoughts were racing through his young mind.  Once inside he was worried that Dad would not be to happy with him now that he had crashed his first snow machine ever that Grandpa had bought for him.  While walking around the house it wasn’t too long before he learned that his mom had gone into town to pick up some groceries & a roast for dinner.

Dad was second on the list to find,  as he nursed a sore knee from the accident wandering around the house looking for help.   After some time he found dad down on the lower level.  To his relief,  dad was immediately encouraging him by saying that “everything will be alright” as they walked together back outside to inspect the damages.  A new confidence started to creep back in, while he started to realize that this wasn’t really so bad after all.  As dad pulled the small sled away from the post, a mere slight bumper damage & bending became apparent.  Nothing that couldn’t be pushed out, dad said not to worry as the boy excitedly began to climb back on his sled with visions of going fast in a circle down on the lake.  Under the watchful eyes of his proud Dad, & with the realization that his son had now weathered his first real adventure in the wild…  boy & machine.

That Saturday morning in the winter of 1974, our family and friends, gathered in the wee hours before sunrise at our house. Some of the group had come in the night before from as far away as 200 miles across the state. Coming up north here to embrace the snowfall everywhere, friends were not disappointed this year. As we always did in years past, all of the supplies were brought inside the attached porch by the wood burner & sorted. Outside you could smell the smoke in the cold winter air from the fire, a beautiful smell, better than burning leaves in the fall.  This year there was an excitement in the air for the anticipation of what the day would bring.  No one knew what secrets lie with mother nature on this dark early morning but if everyone were given just one wish, it would be to live in this moment & take in all of the excitement of every minute. For the past three days a blizzard warning had been broadcast for the entire state coming down from Canada on all the weather channels. Our whole group was to be headed out on the lake to the fish house for a weekend fishing & snowmobile derby contest located out on the north side portion called sandstone point.  Every kid in the county was now counting on at least one, possibly two snow days come Monday morning.

School days.

However right now was a time to live in the moment & just take it in as it came.   It made young school kids wonder how anyone could live where snow never fell from the sky & if it was still possible to have Christmas where it was warm year around.  Visions of toboggans, flying saucers, & fast sledding down steep hills filled their young imaginations.  This was no ordinary weekend for sure.  Oh yes, seasonal snows can come & go all winter long, but a storm like this, well… lets just say this was a dandy of the blizzard proportions. Outside in the darkness, you could still see snow was coming down in flakes as big as goose feathers that were illuminated by the yard light hung from the corner of the garage. Inside the kitchen was buzzing with news of the impending winter storm. The aroma of bacon, eggs, toast, potatoes, & scalding hot coffee filled the air. You could sense the excitement in the air for this big event finally arriving right alongside the storm of the year. Most everyone had arrived the day before & unloaded their snowmachines in the yard. All topped off with gas & oil sitting ready to go for the morning haul. Covered by a tarp or two for protection of the night time drop in temperature & impending snowfall.  Aunt & Uncle were up from the southern portion of the state & were taking pictures of their new sled the day before as they unloaded into the yard making ready for the big weekend.

Winter joy.

This night, only hours ago before the storm front moved in, under a crystal clear star filled sky of 10 degrees below zero, the outside environment was pretty crispy as the snowflakes continued on their journey to earth.  A perfect snow making machine of epic proportions. Roads getting more & more filled with heavy ground up powder as cars & trucks continued to brave the elements. Tow truck drivers were sitting around their CB radios & telephones just awaiting for the calls to start pouring in.  Same with the men folk lucky enough to have four wheel drive & a plow on their Ford, Chevy, or Dodge trucks.  Most certainly this was a happy time for them also as this meant overtime & a much bigger paycheck.  This was a time to celebrate. Every ten minutes or so another truck with trailer would pull in the drive illuminating more snow on the straight portion of the drive to the house. This was bigger than christmas for excitement, larger than life, a time for wonder & dreaming for the mystery of what the day will bring.  Unknown to all, due to the incredible weather forecast being broadcast every fifteen minutes over the am radio sitting on the counter by the toaster.  Warnings to stay indoors & buckle down the hatches refraining from travel if possible.  This morning was a world filled with imagination, courage, wonder, excitement & quite possibly a bit of fear. Grandpa went & threw an enormous old dry rotted piece of wood on the fire then poked it with the iron.  Sparks flew high, right up the chimney.  You could feel the newly stoked heat from the growing flames, across the room.  It was toasty warm inside & negative 10 degrees outside.  This was the life, almost story book & idyllic in nature.   Only this was real.  A vast frozen world lay in wait out there for the begin of a brand new day, bound to be filled with adventure & a memory that will last a life time.

Some of the ladies in our group were suggesting that everyone just stay home which was met with boistrous laughter, as in… are you kidding me, we wouldn’t miss this adventure for the world type response from all of the men.  Whether fool hardy or courageous, none of the men would ever let on.  The wait & anticipation of this big event was just to over whelming to let mother nature hamper in anyway.  Besides,  snow was what everyone wanted.  Most everyone did not believe that the weather was a factor for anything but increasing the thrill of the adventure. By this time the goose feathers outside were more becoming the size of eagle feathers and were coming down in ever greater masses, a wondrous site at the crack of dawn. Looking out the window across the frozen lake to the south, one could just start to see a peek of an orange glow line on the horizon through ever increasing flakes, for the sun to begin its day. This site would be short lived as the storm front continued its march with the slight northwesterly wind. The young boy continued to dream as he watched all of the activities around him in the morning haze.  The whole house was just abuzz with activity & animated conversation.  Folks telling all sorts of tall tales & past adventures. As he pulled himself up to the table for grandma’s breakfast, three snowmachines came in off the lake into the yard with their lights blazing a trail right up to the house.

As they circled around under the yard light, the boy could see huge numbers on the side of each sled.  These guys were racers.

Experience the joy of Christmas, snowmobiling, & winter with this special little girl.

Bigger than Christmas.        To be continued…

Flash light

Lucky young snowmobiler.

Think SNOW!

The boy becomes man & machine to conquer all of the entire universe of cold weather & snow footage.  As the story continues, hero status begins to emerge among all of the villages who dream of winters of white for their humble machines.   Where ever this young man roams you can be sure of heavy snowfall prediction on the local weather stations.   He becomes the wonder, eye of the storm, the flash light, sudden explosion, nightmare, rock, maker,  bringer, the sun & morning light.

The story continues to build as it becomes known that the appointed all powerful touch from his trigger finger on the throttle produces massive amounts of snow for all.  The followers grow & soon we are found traveling along at break neck speed all over to meet the high demand for the shimmering deep fresh powder.   He develops a golden ear that listens to all.  All are given just one wish, the vision of majestic untouched beautiful white powder everywhere…  a storm, wonder, sudden explosion dropping massive quantities with ever more numbers of citizens hoping & wishing for the same thing.   The requests for his presence explodes to worldwide proportions.  Always on a machine carving untouched picture perfect shimmering snow. From the young age of 7 until 13 this goes on, as the young prodigy is propelled into the stratosphere amongst snow machine lovers every where.  Soon the demand changes over to competition with fellow sled necks & a legend begins…  Stay tuned for more on this fascinating story…  You will find out what more to ask for.

Watch this 1973 340 Polaris Colt beat an Arctic

Cat 440! Also watch the 1976 Rupp… its just a rocket ship.

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