Snocross Racing Ben Lindbom

Winter Fun

If you like extreme cold, lots of snow & heart pounding high flying race action… then you have come to the right page. January may be the coldest month in the northern hemisphere, but its the hottest for racing action on a snowmobile. Especially if you race with Patriot Racing. Get ready to climb on your sled & cruise over a deep blanket of gleaming white snow. Ready, set, RACE!

As you walk into the pits, your stomach feels the growl of the blasting modified snowmobile motors, while the mechanics rev them up for their riders. The smell in the air is filled with the blended mix of gasoline, motor oil & high octane racing fuel. Air power tools are wielded by mechanics who can disassemble & reassemble in between two qualifying heat races with the quickness. The thrilling adrenaline rush that can only be found at the races is prevalent within this environment. In fact… race fans, take a 25 second pause right now, crank your volume & get a load of this…

Holy Batman… Polaris. Hope that didn’t fill up your puter with fumes or anything, but let me tell you one thing, my heart is pounding now. Think snow. If that one doesn’t get you going, well there is always this one…

Big shout out to Dustin Strong from Kelowna, BC. Thanks for visiting our site & reporting in on the above sick sled video. The 750 HP Harley is built by CR racing. Hey race fans, if you know details about any of our top video picks please feel free to weigh in with comments. We will be sure to post right here on our site. Thanks. Think snow & go 104!

Race action is now.

You will find out what your character is here, the deep moral fiber that is. One minute you are the hero, placing up in the top three coveted & highly sought after spots, known by all in the racing community as the podium. The crowd loves you, your friends & the rest of the team all high five you & slap you on the back. The next minute your a big zero, crashed, turned over out on the track… wiped out, broken down in last place with a mechanical failure as the other racers continue on zooming by making sure they avoid your situation like a fast train in a blizzard.

Double click on any image for full color brilliance & detail. 

However the power of pure desire, the tireless efforts to garner the points championship & stay in the racing headlines, will turn some young racers into almost super human racing will power machines.

It can get a hold of you in a hurry. Where you carry it & how you maintain these emotions combined with the raw power of adrenaline is up to you. It will reflect out on the track. Many difficult life lessons are taught out on the track & in the pits, whether you like it or not. Sometimes you put on a clinic, & others your sent to school but good. If your ever lucky enough to make a podium appearance, the satisfaction of being on top can manage to overcome any thoughts of quitting. Racer’s who never stop trying, are living testaments in life as it pertains to persistence & proving that life rewards those who back their desires with determination!

Green flag means… GO! 

Keeping your cool, & holding your head held high is easier said than done, however it is paramount to success or failure in climbing the ladder to the top of the heap called pro rider & the big show. Where every racer on the line wants first as badly as you do. The concentration is intense. High maintenance & preparation… a necessity for survival on the track. Add to that an unwavering determination & will power to win. You can feel the energy from the crowd & the other racing machines bursting with raw power.


Racing smells, flow through your nose inside the helmet as you pull up to the starting lineup. It takes every thing you have to block out any thoughts except the upcoming motion of the flagman who carries the power of god in his hand for a brief moment in time. This is when the announcer says… “Its time to fly the rag!”. You can feel the electricity in the air as the racers on the starting line are now revving their engines & gripping the brakes in order that their machines move “NOT” one inch. They are now under “starters orders” which means that, unless you want to be singled out by the flagger & directed to move to the back row for the start of this race, you will not move, creep, or flinch not one inch until that green flag is unfurled. The line begins to fill with a cloud of racing gas exhaust & the start takes on a blue hazy almost eerie look in the winter air.

The Start. 

The flagger will point at each racer with his gloved index finger as if to dare any one of them to move prematurely. During these seconds the flagger has an entire racing world stopped in his hands, gestures, & motion. Sometimes for the racers, announcer, flagmen out on the track, & all of the spectators, these seconds can last for an eternity of anticipation.

All or nothing. 

Then… a massive explosion of controlled chaos ensues as the flagger unleashes the power of the green with a mighty powerful upswing of his arm. Many times his whole body will go into the motion as he leans away from the track area so as not to hinder a starting racer. In an explosion of man & machine the racers are pinning their throttles on to the metal of their handle bars for full power delivery.

Racing to the top. 

Do you want to find out what your character is?… your deep moral fiber?… find out what your made of?… Come on out to the snocross track even one weekend & try staying at the top of the heap, keeping your cool in all situations that include risk of life & limb under intense pressure. Enter the world of racers who spend most of their paycheck on racing, then consider anything leftover spent elsewhere, as wasted. Then you will see.

Tip: High maintenance is key. #104 Sled 

Double click on any image for full color brilliance & detail.


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